Whole 30: Day 1





Brian and I have decided to take on the Whole30 Challenge as a precursor to our Paleo diet that we have become more serious about! Our goal is to get rid of the unhealthy psychological connection we have to food, balance our hormones, and really just for our overall health! We both read the book It Starts With Food to gain a better understanding of what we should expect throughout the experience.

We both know that it isn’t going to be easy but we feel that for us it is necessary. I spent the morning doing food prep so that it would be easy to grab and go if we need. With Brian’s job it’s important that he has options he can take with him to the field.


So far the hardest part is not putting creamer in my coffee… I honestly think I might just stop drinking it for the time being.


We went in with a co op to get fresh fruits and veggies! It was so exciting!


The fridge is ready and packed!


This morning  I made a vinaigrette dressing, a creamy avocado dressing and olive oil mayo! All of the recipes were in the It Starts With Food book!

Brian and I have decided to keep a journal along the way! Mine will most likely be on my blog!

I am excited for this experience to get healthy!

I’ll keep you posted!


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