Reunited with my hubs

Having Brian home is so great. Living alone or a while then having my husband back really made me realize how sweet it is to have help when the dish is to high in the cabinet or when Carlie needs to go out early in the morning and I get to sleep in. I  don’t ever want to take those little things for granted. Time apart made me want to cherish every second I have with Brian while he is home.

So much has happened over the past few weeks he has been back. Ranger Graduation being one of them! That was so awesome to see and made me so proud!

IMG_3135 IMG_3140 IMG_3212

After that, Brian and I decided to take a weekend and go to Savannah! It was beautiful and like another mini honeymoon!


Savannah Candy Kitchen. I kid you not- we spent half of our trip in this store!


Brian is really good at photography… it’s pretty impressive. I will have to post some of his pics soon!


Chocolate and peanut butter- our favorite.


Heading to a fancy date.

Savannah was so beautiful! I am so thankful for these times! Our next stop is moving to Colorado!


  1. So happy you and your hubby are reunited! I know that feeling all too well, and it definitely makes you appreciate the time you do have together even more :) Good luck with your upcoming move too! Sounds exciting!

  2. I had no idea you were moving to CO? What city? I’d love to meet up for coffee when you get here!

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